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A blues home page in Tokyo that covers a wide variety of topics including the information on the local concerts, records, etc.

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I know some of you were wondering about the meaning of the word Ginza. It is a name of a town in Tokyo. Those of you who have been to Tokyo may remember the town as a great shopping area with lots of department stores, restaurants, etc.

Ginza is a town with history. During the Edo Era (1600-1868), The mint for silver coins under the direct jurisdiction of the feudal government was there. This is where Ginza got its name. gin means silver, and Ginza's original meaning translates to something like a place where silver sits. After the feudal government collapsed in 1868, Ginza became a big shopping town and started to be recognized as the center of modernization. At some point, shopping places in other parts of Japan started to put the word Ginza in their names in hopes of their prosperity like the original town. This custom spread quickly, and soon there were full of shopping streets and districts named xxx Ginza all over Japan. (xxx is usually the name of that town.) Ginza eventually became the word to describe big streets with lots of things going on.

When naming this website, I wanted a name to give an impression that it is packed with blues music. And since I am located in Japan, I wanted to express that in Japanese-flavored way. The name I came up with was Blues Ginza, which may be interpreted as A Street Full of Blues. Enjoy!
Masahiro Sumori

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