(US: Night Train NTI CD 2007), 2001
音源: Drew-Blan

[DISK 1]
  1. Jay Nelson: Hey La Bah
  2. Peter Buck: Darling Here Is My Heart
  3. Jimmy Dale: Emma Lee
  4. Peter Buck & Dondaleers: Oh Yes (I Know You Don't Love Me No More)
  5. Wayne & The Velvetones: My Babe
  6. The Vikings: Shoestring
  7. Jay Nelson: Don't You Remember Me
  8. Peter Buck: Let My Lover Go
  9. Skinny Dynamo: Give My Heart Back To Me
  10. Peter Buck & Dondaleers: I Love You So Much
  11. Wayne & The Velvetones: Siboney
  12. Charles Leman: Believe In Me
  13. Peter Buck: I Want You To Know
  14. Jerry Raines: Do We Have The Right
  15. Jay Nelson: My Bonnie
  16. Peter Buck: If I Ask You
  17. Wayne & The Velvetones: Ham Sandwich Twist
  18. Gilbert Giroir: Do You Take Me For A Fool
  19. Peter Buck: The Clock
  20. Wayne & The Velvetones: Can't Take No More
  21. Peter Buck: Dearest Darling
  22. Earl King: Loan Me A Hankerchief
  23. Allen Orange: My Confession
  24. Peter Buck: So Deep
  25. Allen Orange: Love (All Because Of You)
[DISK 2]
  1. Charles Leman: Down The Road
  2. Jay Nelson: Baby Please
  3. Peter Buck: That's Enough
  4. Wayne & The Velvetones: Over The Waves
  5. Gilbert Giroir: Congratulations To You Darling
  6. Skinny Dynamo: Don't Lie To Me
  7. Peter Buck: World Of Misery
  8. Wayne & The Velvetones: Love Me Now
  9. Jay Nelson: Crazy About Daisy
  10. Wayne & The Velvetones: With Mustard
  11. Jimmy Dale: My Pride & Joy
  12. Allen Orange: Does She Love Me
  13. Jay Nelson: Things Won't Be The Same
  14. Peter Buck: Pledging My Love
  15. Charles Leman: Bye Bye Baby
  16. Wayne & The Velvetones: Salute To Popeye
  17. Peter Buck: Don't Let Me Cross Over
  18. Drew-Blan All Stars: If You Had A Woman Like Mine
  19. Drew-Blan All Stars: Tell Me (What Do You Think Of That)
  20. Drew-Blan All Stars: Driving Wheel
  21. Earl King: I Can't Wait Any Longer
  22. Peter Buck: Shiek Of Arabi
  23. Earl King: Let My Lover Go
  24. Peter Buck: All In My Mind
  25. Allen Orange: Leave Me Alone


Recorded in New Orleans, Louisiana in the 1960's

Earl King - vo., piano

ルイジアナのモーガン・シティーで59年から63年頃存在していたマイナー・レーベル、ドゥリュー・ブランのレコーディング集。アールの3曲は、いずれもピアノの弾き語りによるもので、いかにもデモ録音という内容。当然、当時はリリースはされておらず、この盤で初めて陽の目を見た。[DISK 1]22.は、ダニー・ホワイトにアールが提供した曲で、元となるデモ録音は貴重だ。ピーター・バックの[DISK 1]8.も、アールのペンによる曲だ。



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