(US: Sundazed SC 6170), 2000
(US: Warner Bros. MS 2252), 1976 [LP]

  1. Disco Is the Thing Today
  2. Find Yourself
  3. All These Things
  4. I Want to Be Loved by You
  5. Suite for 20 G
  6. (Doodle Loop) The World Is a Little Bit Under The Weather
  7. Trick Bag
  8. Mr. Moon
  9. Chug-A-Lug
  10. Hang 'Em High
  11. Honky Tonk Women

The Meters

Produced by Allen Toussaint and The Meters

Art Neville - keyboards, vocals
Joseph "Ziggy" Modeliste - drums
Cyril Neville - percussion, conga, vocals
Leo Nocentelli - guitar, vocals
George Porter, Jr. - bass
Kenneth "Afro" Williams - percussion
Tony Owens - background vocals
Earl King - vocals

ミーターズがアールの曲"Trick Bag"をカバーし、ヴォーカルをアール本人がとった。ちょっと、アレンジが妙で、それに乗るアールはあまり彼っぽくない。


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