(US: One Day Music DAY3CD043), 2013

[DISC 1]
  1. Bobby "Blue" Bland: I Pity the Fool
  2. The El Torros: Dance with Me
  3. Johnny Ace: Pledging My Love
  4. Fention Robinson: Crazy Crazy Loving
  5. Little Buck: Let It Be Now
  6. Johnny Brown: Snake Hips
  7. Peppermint Harris: Angel Child
  8. Brooks Brown: Sleeping in an Ocean of Tears
  9. Buddy Ace: This Little Love of Mine
  10. Rosco Gordon: Dilly Bop
  11. Little Junior Parker: How Long Can This Go On
  12. Little Sonny: I Gotta Find My Baby
  13. Joe Medwick: Searching in Vain
  14. Otis Rush: Homework
  15. The Sultans: If I Could Tell
  16. Miss La-Vell: Stop These Teardrops
  17. John Littleton & The Capistranos: Now Darling
  18. James Davis: I'm Gonna Tell It on You
  19. Ted Taylor: Hold Me Tight
  20. The Sultans: Baby Don't Put Me Down
[DISC 2]
  1. Little Junior Parker: Annie Get Your Yo-Yo
  2. Bobby "Blue" Bland: Cry, Cry, Cry
  3. Rosco Gordon: T-Model Boogie
  4. The El Torros: Doop Doop a Walla Walla
  5. Fention Robinson: As the Years Go Passing By
  6. Jo Ann Mitchell: I'll Make It up to You
  7. Joe 'Mr Google Eyes' August: Lead Us on
  8. Johnny Ace: How Can You Be so Mean
  9. Chuck Edwards: Morning Train
  10. Ted Taylor: Since You're Home
  11. Junior Ryder: Better Stop
  12. Buddy Ace: What Can I Do
  13. Larry Davis: Angels in Houston
  14. Miss La-Vell: Tide of Love
  15. Rosco Gordon: Keep on Doggin'
  16. The Sultans: Boppin' with the Mambo
  17. Paul Perryman: Teenage Romeo
  18. Little Junior Parker: Seven Days
  19. Fention & The Castle Rockers: The Freeze
  20. The 4 Dukes: Crying in the Chapel
[DISC 3]
  1. Buddy Ace: Screaming Please
  2. Paul Perryman: Satellite Fever, Asiatic Flu
  3. Bobby "Blue" Bland: Turn on Your Love Light
  4. Larry Davis: Texas Flood
  5. Little Junior Parker: Sittin' Drinkin' and Thinkin'
  6. The El Torros: Mama's Cookin'
  7. Ted Taylor: Count the Stars
  8. Earl Forest: Rock the Bottle
  9. The Five Jades: Rock and Roll Molly
  10. Johnny Ace, Johnny Board & His Orchestra: Don't You Know
  11. Joe 'Mr Google Eyes' August: Oh Ho Doodle Lu
  12. The Sultans: How Deep Is the Ocean
  13. Fention Robinson: Tennessee Woman
  14. Willie Mays: If You Love Me
  15. Rosco Gordon: Hey Fat Girl
  16. Bobby "Blue" Bland: That's the Way Love Is
  17. Little Buck: So Fine, So Sweet
  18. Clara Ward: Time Is Winding up
  19. Miss La-Vell: Stolen Love
  20. St. Louis Jimmy: Drinkin' Woman

I Pity the Fool

フェントンのデューク音源7曲中4曲収録。これは、LP「Angels in Houston」と並んで最も多い。「Angels〜」には入っていなかった[DISC 2] 19. "The Freeze"が収録されているのが特に嬉しい。フェントンがギターを弾く[DISC 3] 4."Texas Flood"、フェントン初のレコーディング[DISC 2] 15."Keep on Doggin'"も収録されている。


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